BUSD Dividends

A unique feature of D3 Protocol is that buy staking DEFI you also acquire BUSD dividends which are free to withdraw on a weekly basis as highlighted on the dividend dashboard. Your BUSD dividends continuously accumulate based on the amount you are staking. The more you stake, the higher your BUSD dividends. Here's how to claim.

  1. Click on the enter app button and connect your wallet (MetaMask and WalletConnect are the wallets that are supported).

  2. Click the dividend button listed on the left-hand menu and you will be taken to the dividends interface.

  3. There you will be able to see the amount of BUSD you are able to claim. Click the claim dividend button and complete the transaction to claim to your wallet.

This is a unique feature of D3 Protocol. Other staking protocols face the problem of stakers constantly needing to unstake and sell staking rewards to generate liquidity. BUSD dividends allow you to constantly generate liquid income whilst staking. The more you stake and the longer you stake the larger proportion of dividend you receive.

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