Buying DEFI

You can purchase DEFI on PancakeSwap. If you need help on setting up a wallet and sending funds to your BSC wallet, please read the instructions in the Bridging to BSC section. You can do this using any native BSC token, but for efficiency we recommend BUSD as this is the token that DEFI is paired with in the liquidity pool (LP). To purchase DEFI simply follow the instructions below.

  1. On the D3 Protocol app page click buy DEFI in the top right corner.

  2. This takes you to PancakeSwap. On the pop-up tick "I understand" and import the DEFI token

  3. If your wallet is not already connected you will need to connect your wallet

  4. Select the currency with which you wish to buy DEFI with, we recommend BUSD

  5. Click the gear icon setting and choose your transaction speed

  6. Choose slippage (the amount that price can move for or against you during the trade)

  7. Input how much BUSD you wish to spend, or how much DEFI you wish to buy

  8. The click swap confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait to receive your DEFI

PancakeSwap can occasionally give you error messages. If this is the case then try increasing slippage, try using round numbers (of either BUSD or DEFI), or try changing the last decimal digit to "1" for the number of DEFI that you are trying to purchase. If you are still encountering issues then please contact the team via Discord or Telegram.

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