Minting DEFI

Minting is effectively buying discounted, vested DEFI. There are a variety of mints available at any time, please check the D3 Protocol app for currently available mints and discounts. You do not incur any taxes when minting (so your effective total discount is the mint discount plus 12% as you are not paying the 12% tax you would be paying if purchasing from the open market). This also includes no CCF buy and sell taxes when minting. The vesting period for all mints is 5-days after which you can claim and stake your DEFI.

  1. Click on the enter app button and connect your wallet (MetaMask and WalletConnect are the wallets that are supported)

  2. Check the mints on the left-hand menu and select the mint that you wish to use (discounts are displayed next to the mints)

  3. On the screen that comes up, check and select the mint you want and press the mint button (a new window will open for you to complete the process)

  4. Click the gear icon adjust slippage (the amount that price can move for or against you during the trade), and change receiving address if you wish (default is your connected wallet address)

  5. Enter how much DEFI you wish to mint. Your balance, what you will get, the maximum and minimum you can buy, the ROI, and the vesting term (5 days) are displayed here too

  6. Then click approve and sign the transaction in your wallet to approve the DEFI token. Once confirmed you press the same button again to mint and confirm the transaction

  7. Once the vesting period has completed you will be able to claim and auto-stake your DEFI and start generating auto-compounded staking rewards and BUSD dividends

Please note that if you wish to mint via the DEFI-BUSD LP option you will need to go to PancakeSwap and add DEFI and BUSD in equal USD equivalent amounts to the liquidity pool. In return you will receive DEFI-BUSD LP tokens which can be used to mint DEFI via the D3 Protocol minting dashboard.

There will always be a limit on mints available at any given time versus circulating supply to control inflation. These limits are dynamic and calculated by the protocol, in order to manage inflation. Remember, whatever token you use to mint, you will not be able to reclaim this token. It will be sent to the treasury to back the price of the DEFI token.

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