The Dashboard

When you enter the D3 Protocol app you will come to the dashboard landing page. The dashboard gives you all the key information you need about D3 Protocol and the DEFI token. On the dashboard you will find the following information.

  • APY: the current annual percentage yield (APY) for staking DEFI

  • DEFI price: the current price of 1 DEFI token

  • Market cap: the current market capitilization of DEFI

  • Backing per DEFI: the floor USD value of 1 DEFI backed by the treasury balance

  • TVL: total value locked (TVL) in the treasury based on the treasury assets and prices

  • Next rebase: the time left until the next emission of staking rewards

  • Supply: the current circulating supply of DEFI

  • Burns: the current amount of DEFI that have been burned by the protocol

  • Treasury balance: the current value of the treasury based on treasury assets and prices

  • Runway: the number of days for which the protocol can sustain the current APY

  • Total DEFI burned: the current number of DEFI that have been burned

  • Burn rate: the percentage rate at which DEFI are being burned by the protocol

Please take your time to review and understand the information presented on the dashboard. It will help you to understand the information presented throughout the D3 Protocol documentation in a clear and concise way, and can be used to evaluate any positions that you hold within the D3 Protocol ecosystem.

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