Fair launch

We believe in fair launches with no insider discounts or team tokens. Everyone had a chance to invest in the D3 Protocol from the moment we launched. The only exception was an airdrop to loyal CCF holders as detailed below. Their loyalty, belief and ideas are what gave us the inspiration for the D3 Protocol, and for that they are being rewarded.

In addition, at launch we worked hard to eliminate sniper bots and also put in a 100 DEFI buy limit per wallet, and a 150 DEFI minting limit per wallet. This was to ensure a fair distribution of tokens, and to avoid having a few whales owning a large proportion of the supply. D3 Protocol is for everyone, and we wanted to give everyone a fair and equal way to participate.

Token supply

As per the economics of the D3 Protocol, all minted DEFI must be backed by a minimum of 1 BUSD. The team provided seed funding of 50,000 BUSD to mint an initial 20,000 DEFI. 20,000 BUSD was added to the treasury to back the initial mint of 20,000 DEFI, and 30,000 BUSD was added to the DEFI-BUSD LP to provide immediate trading liquidity.


5,000 DEFI (25%) were airdropped to CCF holders on a proportional basis versus their holding of the circulating supply of CCF, via a snapshot taken prior to the D3 Protocol launch (and excluding the BNB-CCF LP and burn wallet). All airdrop tokens were auto-staked at launch and vested over 30 days to control supply and ensure a staking volume offering realistic APYs at launch.


5,000 DEFI (25%) were immediately burned. This was done for two reasons. Firstly, it increases the BUSD backing of the remaining circulating supply. Secondly, it creates the burn wallet which will help to manage inflation via our [] taxes, with 3% of every buy and sell burning DEFI to the burn wallet.


The remaining 10,000 DEFI (50%) were added to the DEFI-BUSD LP, paired with 30,000 BUSD provided by the team, setting an initial market price of 3 BUSD per 1 DEFI, and market cap of $45,000. The chart below shows the initial BUSD to DEFI values at launch, for a total of 50,000 BUSD, minting 20,000 DEFI, backed by 20,000 BUSD in treasury, and 30,000 BUSD in LP.

No team or advisor tokens

Please note that the team and advisors did not receive any DEFI tokens for the provision of the initial capital, and had to buy or mint DEFI just like everyone else. A fair launch, built for the long-term. The initial premium price of 3 BUSD per 1 DEFI ensures that the treasury can quickly build the excess required to offer rewards for stakers and mint discounts.

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