Unique Selling Points

Affordable and secure

We’re on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This means very low transaction fees, so anyone can participate without worrying about excessive gas fees. In addition, all smart contracts are fully audited by our security partner, HashEx. And our liquidity pool (LP) is locked until 2025 for peace of mind and added security.

Build for stability and longevity

Our [] tokenomics further builds the treasury on buys and sells, help manage inflation, and offers additional incentives to hold DEFI. Our compounding rebase cycles and controlled mint rebases control inflation whilst sustaining staking rewards. Our automated yield halving algorithm (based on treasury size), further guarantees sustainable long-term high yields for stakers.

Auto-investing treasury

Our treasury automatically acquires a diversified basket of yield bearing DeFi 3.0 assets generating reflections and dividends for the D3 Treasury. This also means that we are the only protocol that enables stakers to gain exposure to, and generate returns from, a diversified portfolio of yield bearing DeFi 3.0 assets.

Full service DeFi

Our smart contract directly integrates with CCF across DEFI buy and sell taxes and the ability to mint DEFI with CCF, giving you a full suite of decentralized currency, savings and investment tools in one ecosystem. This should start to give you an insight into what is so unique about D3 Protocol, and why we’re so excited about the potential.

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