Understanding dividends

Whilst you can consider staking and minting as more of an investment strategy, D3 Protocol also offers you something totally unique - the ability to earn. Think of it like interest on a savings account. Staking DEFI through each epoch entitles stakers to BUSD dividends from accrued buy and sell taxes, proportional to your DEFI staking amount versus total amount staked.

Generating liquidity for stakers

Stakers can see their accumulated amount of BUSD on the D3 Protocol website and claim their BUSD via the dashboard whenever they please. They are then free to use their BUSD as they wish - as cash flow, to compound within the D3 Protocol ecosystem, or to invest in any other crypto asset of their choosing.

This is an entirely new innovation in the space that incentivizes staking whilst offering the ability to earn and generate cash flow, whilst you are compounding your DEFI earnings locked in staking. This is a missing piece of the jigsaw meaning that we are moving from the stake, mint, sell system, to a stake, mint, earn system, as stakers do not need to unstake to earn from the protocol.

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