The real utility of the protocol

D3 Protocol is not a typical OHM fork that promises crazy and unsustainable yields. Yes, we offer good yields and initial rates will be attractive whilst the protocol stabilizes after attracting a critical mass of users. However, our long-term vision is to utilize the DEFI token as a sustainable decentralized reserve currency for cross-chain asset management.

Auto-acquisition of yield bearing assets

The smart contract [] component enables us to plug in any token contract to auto purchase as 3% of the 12% tax on DEFI buy and sell transactions. This means we are auto-purchasing DeFi 3.0 tokens, and receiving token reflections and yields through ownership of the token. We are the only protocol to automatically build a self-sustaining revenue generating treasury from day one.

We will be starting with our sister protocol CCF, acquiring CCF tokens with every buy and sell of DEFI. These will be used as treasury assets, receiving additional yield in the form of CCF reflections (from CCF buys and sells) and farming yields (from the CCF farming dividends). In turn these profits will benefit DEFI stakers in the form of higher DEFI backing price and yields.

At any time the contract can switch the contract to auto-purchase other DeFi 3.0 tokens. Initially this will be for other tokens native to BSC, but our roadmap includes plans to bridge to other networks such as Fantom, Avalanche, and even Ethereum so that DEFI stakers can benefit from true cross chain asset management purely through ownership and staking of the DEFI token.

Acquiring treasury investments through mints

In addition, D3 Protocol will offer mints of DeFi 3.0 tokens with favorable discounts, enabling us to offer liquidity for these tokens to benefit their ecosystem, additional upside for holders of these other tokens (through minting and receiving high APYs from staking DEFI), and a sustainable D3 Protocol treasury through reflections and yields received by holding these tokens in our treasury.

These are two more key innovations that move D3 Protocol away from simply trying to sustain a user base with unrealistic APY, and enabling us to derive real utility for the D3 Protocol and DEFI token that will compound and grow over time. DEFI is here to stay as the decentralized reserve currency for DeFi 3.0 cross chain asset management.

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